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Sea Ranch , CA

We are are so excited to be able to celebrate our special day with you in one of our favorite places: Sea Ranch, CA! Located 3 hours north of San Fransisco in Sonoma County, the tiny town of Sea Ranch stretches along 10 miles of rugged Pacific Ocean coastline, offering stunning coastal trails and several beaches to explore. In our humble opinion, it is heaven on earth and a place that brings peace and tranquility unlike anywhere else. 

We have put together some information for you so that you can fully plan, experience, and enjoy your time in this beautiful pocket of the northern California coast. 

How the heck do I get there?

There are two airports you can fly into: Charles M. Shulz - Sonoma Country Airport (STS) in Santa Rosa, CA (1hr 45min away) or San Francisco International Airport (SFO) in San Francisco, CA (3 hours away). These are the closest airports in the area. You will need to rent a car to get to Sea Ranch as there is no public transportation or Ubers that will get you there. The journey is worth it though, as one of the main driving routes is the Pacific Coast Highway which is the most stunning drive! We would like to note that due to the windy nature of the coastline drive and the lack of street lights, we recommend planning your travels so that you are driving during daylight hours.

Ok, now where do I stay?



Would you like to stay along the rugged coast and watch for whales, or tuck yourself away in the redwood forest and listen to the quiet? This is our first choice due to the variety of options and the chance to enjoy the full Sea Ranch design and concept experience. There are many vacation rentals to choose from between both rental sites at various price points. Links to both websites are listed below.

Some things to note:

  • If it is feasible and your schedule allows, we recommend planning your arrival by Thursday September 19 to give yourself time to settle in after a day of flying and driving to Sea Ranch. Additionally, a welcome party is tentatively planned for Friday September 20th which we would love to have you attend.

  • We strongly encourage guests who are considering a vacation home rental to view the "Sea Ranch Living" homes available through The Sea Ranch Lodge. These rentals save you money on fees that tend to come with AirBNB and VRBO rentals, and offer a reduced rate for those who stay over 4 nights. In addition, they offer some nice amenities such as a dedicated concierge, pre-arrival grocery shopping, first dibs on reservations for activities at the lodge, and more. 

  • The weather in Sea Ranch this time of year will be a sunny and dry mid-low 70s during the day and mid-low 50s at night. Sea Ranch is notoriously windy along the coast, and can have a marine layer in the early morning that will burn off. We recommend wearing layers for those cool or windy parts of the day. 

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