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Sea Ranch , CA

We are so excited to welcome you to one of our favorite places: Sea Ranch, CA! When we began planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to do something very small and intentional and model it after a friends and family reunion with only our nearest and dearest. Sea Ranch is a place that brings peace, a deep sense of presence, and provides the perfect setting to share moments with each and every one of you who will have taken the time to travel for this very special occasion.

Located 3 hours north of San Francisco in Sonoma County, the tiny town of Sea Ranch stretches along 10 miles of rugged Pacific Ocean coastline, offering stunning coastal trails and several beaches to explore. We have put together some information for you so that you can properly plan your travels here and best enjoy your time in this beautiful pocket of northern California.

How do I get there?

Sonoma County Airport (STS)

 1hr 45 mins from Sea Ranch

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

3 hours from Sea Ranch

If your schedule allows, we recommend planning your arrival by Thursday September 19 to give yourself time to settle in after a day of flying and driving to Sea Ranch.

A car is a necessity to get to Sea Ranch and around the surrounding area as Ubers and public transportation are not available. The journey is worth it though as the main driving route takes you along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway!

Please note: The roads to Sea Ranch get curvey, therefore we recommend planning your travels so that you are driving during daylight hours.

Where do I stay?


Vacation Rental

Sea Ranch is famous for its architecture and design, which is best enjoyed and experienced through staying in a vacation rental. Would you like to stay along the rugged coast and watch for whales, tuck yourself away in the quiet redwood forest, or hide away in hidden meadow and watch for local wildlife? Sea Ranch Living, AirBNB, and VRBO offer a variety of options to choose from in the setting of your choice. Follow the links below to reserve your stay. This option is also a great way to save on costs by rooming with fellow guests! If you are open to rooming with others, please contact Julianne or Evan (most of you know each other already anyway). We have options for you and would love to help coordinate this! 


The Sea Ranch Lodge

The Sea Ranch Lodge is the hub of the town, and where our wedding reception will be taking place. Recently renovated guest rooms offer unparalleled views of the bluff and coastline, and the convenience of being steps away from the coffee shop, bluffside walking trails, and Blackpoint beach. We kindly ask guests that stay at The Lodge to refrain from dining in the restaurant prior to the wedding reception to ensure we save the amazing culinary experience for the big day.


The Hotel Breakers

The Hotel Breakers is located in Gualala town center, and a 5 minute walk from our wedding ceremony location. This hotel offers amazing ocean views, and steps away from various restaurants and cafes nestled in the small center of town. Reservations at Hotel Breakers are not taken online, therefore please call (707)884-3200 to reserve a room.

St. Orres

Just a  5 min (2.5 miles) drive to Gulala town center, or 7 min (5.5 miles) to Sea Ranch,  St. Orres offers guests the option to stay in their unique european inspired hotel rooms or cozy single or multi-bedroom cabins located throughout their 50 acre property. The onsite restaurant comes highly recommended, and this property is only a 5 minute walk to Cooks Beach. Reservations at St. Orres are not taken online, therefore please call (707)884-3303 to reserve a room.


Timber Cove Resort

Timber Cove is located in Jenner, CA which is a 27 mins (17.5 miles) drive south of Sea Ranch. This property offers guests upscale lodging along the Sonoma Coast, and is located 15 mins north of the exquisite Fort Ross Vineyard & Winery. Jenner is a tiny town where the Russian River meets the the ocean, and offers spectacular vistas and the chance to explore many nearby state parks.

Some things to note:

  • The weather in Sea Ranch this time of year will be a sunny and dry mid-low 70s during the day and mid-low 50s at night. Sea Ranch is notoriously windy along the coast, and can have a marine layer in the early morning that will burn off. We recommend wearing layers for those cool or windy parts of the day. 

  • If it is feasible and your schedule allows, we recommend planning your arrival by Thursday September 19 to give yourself time to settle in after a day of flying and driving to Sea Ranch. Additionally, a welcome party is planned for Friday September 20th which we would love to have you attend.

  • We strongly encourage guests who are considering a vacation home rental to view the "Sea Ranch Living" homes available through The Sea Ranch Lodge. These rentals save you money on fees that tend to come with AirBNB and VRBO rentals, and offer a reduced rate for those who stay over 4 nights. In addition, they offer some nice amenities such as a dedicated concierge, pre-arrival grocery shopping, first dibs on reservations for activities at the lodge, and more. 

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